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INAMEDIA gets media accessible recognition during the pandemic.

Since INAMEDIA was born, a company focused exclusively on the accessibility of audiovisual pieces and events for deaf people and people with other sensory disabilities, different initiatives and projects have been carried out. One of them was #YourExperience, a project launched in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic aimed at collecting the testimonies of deaf people where they have their experience with the coronavirus in their respective jobs, their own companies and even trips interrupted by the health situation.

In this way, with more than 100 hours broadcast openly through free channels, #TuExperiencia became a claim of the deaf community in times when communication barriers in health services and, in general, with masks affect these segments of the population.

At the head of this new business line of the Group launched in 2020, is Inmaculada M. Pozo, a professional in the accessible audiovisual sector with a broad career as Director of Production. In addition to being classified as one of the "real and influential women" by MÍA Magazine, under her supervision and direction 100% accessible literary adaptations to fiction have been created. Examples of this are the adaptations of "La Casa de Bernarda Alba" or "Don Quijote de la Mancha", versions made entirely in Sign Language. It has also been part of accessible educational projects such as the creation of the "History of Andalusia" and "History of the World" collection. "INAMEDIA tries to be a company dedicated to the production of content accessible to deaf and hard of hearing people, as well as accessibility in audiovisual media and at events", Inmaculada specifies. “There is still a lot to do in terms of accessibility when deaf people can only go to the cinema in certain sessions in VOSE where the entire billboard is not included on many occasions.

In Spain there are more than 1 million deaf people who, despite having our rights legally recognized, we continue to encounter daily barriers to access to communication and culture that prevent us from participating in society in equal opportunities with the rest of citizens ”, he clarifies. The organization of the next editions of the successful Black Panther Festival of Cinema in Sign Language will also be the responsibility of INAMEDIA, in collaboration with Black Panther Films.


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