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Grupo Black Panther launches BPConsulting, first entertainment and media consulting firm

The Spanish show-business group dedicated to the audiovisual sector has launched a new business line within the group, which has become the first Business and Financial Consulting firm for 360 degrees services with dedication, expertise and a 100% focus on action in the industry of Entertainment & Media. At the head of this new line of business are Ignacio de Medina, Executive Producer with an important career as a Financier and Business Consultant for multinational companies such as Movistar, La Liga, Atresmedia, IBM or Indra and an expert in financing the media sector; and Georgina Borbolla, Financier and Consultant with long experience in the industry in projects for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Viacom and Sony Pictures among others from her company Bold Finance in Mexico.

Among the services they offer for production companies and companies dedicated to the industry, are those of structuring financing and investment, project analysis, financial and accounting management of projects, outsourcing of business affairs ... All with a pool of consultants with more 20 years of experience in clients such as HBO, NBC, FOX, Discovery Networks, Gold Mercury or E! Entertainment. Ignacio indicated that one of his most widely implemented services is Investor & Finance Packaging®. It is an exclusive 360o packaging service for projects focused on a search for investment or external financing. “It is a real 360 degrees service. We work on building and polishing all aspects of each of the projects independently, ad hoc for each financing and sale strategy, as well as all financial and business aspects so that it complies with the standards of private investment and that it is achieved financing the project” he continued.

At the same time, they offer alliances with companies and financial institutions to facilitate the path of their clients. “Our partnership with financial institutions with a long history of activity in the audiovisual industry as well as Private Equity firms, means that we can connect in a very organic way the projects that we pack from clients with the sources of financing directly, without intermediaries”, informed Andrés Sánchez, finance partner of BPConsulting. BPConsulting also incorporates important technological solutions to its services. “Our goal must be to optimize all business processes, and streamline them. Today we cannot make this possible without good technological solutions, Cloud implementation, SaaS and Agile methodologies. With the knowledge we have of the sector, we structure technological solutions for work processes that in this industry are still somewhat outdated and poorly optimized.”, Indicated Javier Nogales Senior IT & Cloud Consultant.

The firm not only offers services to production companies but also to small freelancers and independent creatives: “We are aware that the engine of our industry is increasingly the content and its creators, who sometimes have something forgotten and placed as the last links in the chain when they really are the first ”, indicated Raúl Tamayo, from Business Development. "For this reason, we try to offer them consulting services and project analysis so that they can package their creations with the financial and business requirements that the market is currently demanding," added Georgina Borbolla. This announcement comes with the renewed image of the Black Panther Group, with new additions to the team and growth of international projects in progress.


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