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BPConsulting brings to Spain and LatAm the ICRA® certification to present projects to investors

The ICRA Certification to present projects to investors reaches Spain and LatAm. The ICRA® Certification of Audiovisual Investment Risk Analysis and Compliance is the official certification for investment opportunities for audiovisual projects. It is a certificate that this body issues for those projects that seek to more easily attract investors and buyers. This certificate has been specifically developed by professional analysts and managers from the investment world together with specialized teams of international audiovisual creation, production and distribution, offering a unique Certification for the industry. ICRA evaluates more than 100 key points of each project, analyzing from the most creative aspects (scripts, bibles, plots, characters...) to the most financial and legal aspects of the projects (budgets, market value of the IP, finances of the production...). ICRA's certification and analysis standards meet the requirements of studios such as Netflix, Disney and WarnerMedia as well as various international financial entities. Not only production companies can access this certification, but also those independent content creators or freelancers who want to strengthen the competitive advantage of their project in the face of a sale or financing. The ICRA Certificate was already in operation mainly in those markets, such as the USA or some European countries, accustomed to the use of certifying figures that guarantee risks to investors (Completion Bond). And starting this April, projects in Spain and Latin America will be able to access this certification, which will be able to certify and obtain their level of investment risk for potential investors, financial entities and buyers. Although the project certification process is carried out by the Official Certification Centers (among others, one of these centers for Spain and LATAM is BPConsulting), the request must be made through ICRA directly, on its website, and the organization will send each project, according to its geographical origin, to the corresponding Certification Center.


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