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Black Panther Films and Invercine "Matadero Franklin", selected for Pitch NAEN at Conecta Fiction.

The co-production forum for fiction series from Europe and America Conecta FICTION has announced the projects selected for the new session Pitch Euroregion NAEN Series, which will present titles related to the region that make up Nueva Aquitaine (France), Euskadi and Navarre. Within this new initiative, Conecta FICTION and the NAEN Euroregion will carry out during the co-production forum several professional activities to promote professional, business, and entrepreneurial networking within this Euroregion, highlighting the audiovisual projects created within it. Finalist projects of the first edition of Pitch Euroregion NAEN Series The call launched this year is aimed both at companies in the NAEN Euroregion that are looking for co-producing partners outside the Euroregion, as well as producers, national and international, whose projects must have production companies, talent, artistic and technical teams, television channels and others. audiovisual sector actors based in the NAEN Euroregion. One of the selected projects is the series "Matadero Franklin" which is a Hispanic-Chilean co-production between Black Panther Films (Spain) and Invercine Producciones (Chile).


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